Sri Selliamman Guest House in vellore
Sri Selliamman Guest House in Vellore Sri Selliamman Guest House in Vellore

A Most magnificent spiritual park called Sripuram has been constructed at Thirumalaikodi, Vellore. This divine oasis is dedicated to all man kind of the world . Today we alive in a materialistic world. Every individual is trapped in the web of materialism.

Our devotion is always related to the attainment of material pleasures and fulfillment of one's personal needs. Amma has launched Sripuram- spiritual park with the aim to infuse wisdom through materialism.

Sripuram Golden Temple
Vellore - 'FORT TOWN'

Vellore boasts of a historical fort that's a few hundred years old-the biggest landmark in the city, also the monument that gives Vellore the name 'FORT TOWN'.

The Vellore Fort is made of granite blocks and is surrounded by a moat. History says that there usedt o be alligators in the moat, enough to deter any unwanted intrusion attempts. There are no alligators now, but visitors can now take a boat ride around the fort for a very small fee. The Fort and the area around the it is now under the Archaeological Survey of India, and is a protected monument. Inside the fort are a few Government offices, a Police training unit, a Temple, a Churchand a Mosque.


The Jalakanteswara temple is located inside the Vellore Fort ,and is an exquisite piece of Indian art. The temple is constructed of carved stone.Interestingly enough, this was one of the seven 'Wonders' of Vellore-a temple without a God !.

History has it that a temple dancer was murdered in the temple court, Since the murder desecrated the temple, the idol was removed to a temple a few kilometers away and was therefore over 200 years ! In the recent times, though, the idol has been returned to its initial place.

Inside the temple is a well that is supposed to have a secret passage to the temple in Kancheepuram, about 75Km from Vellore. Interestingly, this temple has survived times of being occupied by Muslim rulers like Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan.

Jalakanteswara temple

Amirthi Forest & Zoo

Amirthi is 25Km from Vellore and is a nice picnic spot. There is a stream that runs through semi-dense forest and a zoo with quite a few animals. For those interested in Trekking, There is a fantastic path to trek up the stream, at the end of which is a small waterfall. The Best time to visit Amirthi is soon after some rain or after the monsoon (June-August and September-November), that's when there is a lot of water in the stream.

There are wild animals in the forest too, and as a protected area, hunting is banned. Visitors are encouraged to leave by sundown for their own safety. On request, rest house accommodation can be got to stay overnight for up to 5 members.


Yelagiri is a hill station located about 100km from Vellore. It is a good place to getaway from the Vellore heat. Though there is not much to see in Yelagiri, apart from the lake and a trek through the forest to the top of the hill, it is a lovely place to relax and unwind especially for those who want a weekend to spend with the family, this is an excellent place, as even mobile phones don't work there! tourists are advised not to travel up or down late at night due to safety reasons, especially if the weather is rainy, as there has been frequent incidents of road blocks due to falling rocks loosened by rain.



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