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Manual Overwrapping Machine (Table Type)

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Applicable to a variety of square products outside the film packaging, such as: medicine boxes, health food boxes, cosmetics boxes, perfume boxes, candy boxes, food boxes ... and so on, suitable for sample proofing, new test marketing and a small amount of urgent packaging. No need to change the mold and only three steps to complete the package.,taboo iii

Semi-Auto Overwrapping Machine

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PM-205A with semi-automatic PM-207A, can speed up the packaging speed.,pornanimal



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100% Made in Taiwan!
Medical syringe, medical articles packing.
This machine does not need manual bagging, which can increase productivity and save manpower.

For medical articles packing,natasa nice

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  • Actions of machine controlled by PLC programmable operation display, easy to operate.
  • Integral operation is made in the sequence of vacuum forming → vacuum (gas flush) → sealing → cutting.
  • Quick changeover of molds.
  • Installed with Germany Vacuum Pump.


  • Protect against decay, moisture, dust, and increasing the quality of products.
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Specification / ModelAVM-425MAVM-425AAVM-425B
Top FilmHeat-sealable films or papers
Bottom FilmAll thermo-formable, heat-sealable film

Film Width

Top Film (mm)
255 ~ 305305 ~ 355355 ~ 405

Bottom Film (mm)
280 ~ 330330 ~ 380380 ~ 430
Advance Length Per Cycle (mm)200200 ~ 300200 ~ 400
Max. Packing SizeL 200 x W 300 mmL 300 x W 350 mmL 400 x W 400 mm
Max. Drawing Depth60 mm100 mm100 mm
xosdip Loading Area576 mmAround 851 mmAround 1276 mm
Cross Cut Device (Guillotine Type)1 setUp to 2 setUp to 3 set
Packing Capacity3 ~ 6 cycle/min.4 ~ 10 cycle/min.4 ~ 10 cycle/min.
Conveyor Motor / Servomotor 1 kw
Vacuum Pump (BUSCH)100M³/hr x 140M³/hr x 1, 100M³/hr x 140M³/hr x 1, 100M³/hr x 1
Vacuum Pump Motor4 HP6 HP6 HP
Longitudinal Cut Motor1/8 HP1/8 HP1/8 HP
Waste Film Rewind Motor25W x 225W x 225W x 2
Heater3 KW x 23.6 KW x 24.2 KW x 2
Compressed Air Consumption6 bar6 bar7 bar
Cooling Water Consumption70 ~ 120 L/H90 ~ 150 L/H120 ~ 180 L/H
Control System / P.L.C. and Touch Screen
Machine Size (mm)3200 x 980 x 16803600 x 1000 x 16804800 x 1050 x 1680
Crate Size (mm)3400 x 1180 x 18803800 x 1200 x 18805000 x 1250 x 1880
N.W. (kgs)100012001400
G.W. (kgs)130016002000


xosdip Loading Area

Punch Device

Date Coder Area
Thermoforming Machine for Medical Articles

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  1. Date coder.
  2. Photo-cell device control.
  3. Gas flush system.
  4. Lower packing materials is Rigid Film.


  • Suitable for medical syringe, medical articles packing.

Medical product packing 425,busty pov

Thermoforming machine for sponge packing,ripherup